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Local 246 Increase Dues

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

Since the new administration took over in 2013, there is an increase in disciplining members. The Union is at the point of exhausting funds for proper representation that go towards hearings, arbitration, contract violations, the Public Employment Relations Commission, and the union lawyer's use. The Union has expressed its concern for over a year during our general union meetings, and we urge members to attend the meetings.

Since 1973 the union dues were as follows:

  1. 85% member $8.50 biweekly

  2. 100% member $10.00 biweekly

As of July 14, 2017, 44 years later, the Union dues are as follows:

  1. 85% member $17.00 biweekly

  2. 100% member $20.00 biweekly

The cost of maintenance and keeping members' rights covered and protected is higher than what it was in 1973. After Forty-four years, Local 246 is increasing the union dues. Compared to Jersey City Local 42 Union (mail carriers) and PSE&G Union, Local 246 is still the lowest union contributors as a bargaining unit for the City of Jersey City civilians.

Local 246 can still protect its member, hold events, and steps towards modernizing its communication by having an official website, where members can access information, documents, resources.

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