Local 246 Increase Dues

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

With the increasing discipline, Hearings, Arbitrations, PERC, Contract Violations, use of the lawyer to protect members jobs that has been going on since the new administration took over in 2013, the funds were being exhausted for proper representation. The Union has a web site with information that every member can access to down load documents or ask questions. Also we want to keep our Union Christmas gathering going. All of this has been discussed during our Union Meeting for over one year. We urge all members to attend but if you can’t , you can still look for information on the website.

Since 1973 the union dues were as follows:

  1. 85% member $8.50 biweekly

  2. 100% member $10.00 biweekly

As of July 14, 2017, 44 years later, the Union dues are as follows:

  1. 85% member $17.00 biweekly

  2. 100% member $20.00 biweekly

The cost of maintenance and in keeping members rights covered / protected comes with a cost higher than 1973. So 44 years later Local 246 has raised the Union dues, this was discussed more than four times during our General Union Meetings. Compared to Local 42 union (mail carriers) Jersey City and PSE&G Union Jersey City, we are still the lowest union contributors as a bargaining unit for the civilians of the City of Jersey City.

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