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Executive Order. Must be Fair to ALL LOCAL 246 MEMBERS!

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Mayor Fulop,

This is Julio Cordero Jr President of Local 246 Public Employees for the City of Jersey City. Your executive order for non - essential employees is a nice gesture for the members of local 246. However, it excludes essential employees such as Police and Fire Dispatch, Police Call Takers, CCTV, CJIS, and BCI. Our members get no benefits from your executive order.

Working on July 5th's Executive Order:

*Essential personnel paid double time.

*Essential personnel offered time to work on their day off, be paid triple time.

*Essential personnel who are not scheduled to work on an executive order, receive a CT.

This order must be fair to all local 246 members.

What say you, Sir?

Julio Cordero Jr

President Local 246

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